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152 Responses to “Zombies”

  1. Never been to a convention… :(

  2. .3. You should go to one. It’s like a large mall with booths and celebrities sometimes and people are wearing great Cosplay. They have some cool programs too.

  3. I don’t really have anyone to go with.

  4. Well it’s not condemned to go alone. Long as you’re old enough, comfortable, and can take care of yourself, you can go alone. Cons aren’t all shops, either, you can meet fellow fans at programs the con has set up to happen, like guest speakers and screenings and such.

  5. I wouldn’t like to go by myself. I’d need some company.

  6. Best thing to do, grab a group of friends who you could introduce to the fandom or ask around if anybody has similar interests or is planning to go. Plus, there’s no problem with going with your parents.

  7. You know, i don’t see what is very cool about zombies, they walk around an yell BRAINS!!!!!!!!! AND EAT YOU WHAT THE HECK.

  8. What is a fandom.

  9. A fandom is basically the people who like a certain show/video game/movie. Y’know, people who are fans. The fandom is generally considered the ______ fandom based upon what they’re fans of.

  10. wow. cool.

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