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  1. I’ve finished season 6 of Supernatural, and I didn’t expect that to happen…

  2. Wait until you start watching season seven. Castiel… I’ll leave that to your own opinion. I haven’t watched season eight, so.

  3. They had trouble beating Lucifer, so I can’t imagine how they will beat Castiel..

  4. You’d have to watch season seven to see that…

  5. Have you ever watched Buffy the vampire slayer?

  6. Uhm, I watched the first season up until the episode of the ventriloquist puppet demon thing. I think I’m going to get back into it again sometime soon.

  7. I’ve watched them all, but I started getting bored of it on the last season.

  8. umm, hi guys… if you read my comment on “ghosts” you would see that im new here. I was wondering if anyone else believes in vampires because i do, but people tease me about it…

  9. Well, the commons between the stories all had to come from SOMEWHERE. I think they’ve just all gone into hiding and adapted to a human lifestyle to fit in. Without the obvious attacking people for blood thing – That would catch attention, wouldn’t it?

  10. sometimes i wonder if vampires are real, i think they are. And they are pretty cool, but not Twilight vampire or not.

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