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  1. what

  2. Wonder if this place will ever be active again… I guess with the release of the 2nd book there’ll be some activity again, but who knows how long until the next book comes out.

  3. Probably. A new generation of fearseekers! … That would be cool.

  4. But looking at the history of this site, hardly any people become regular posters. They come in, talk about how cool vampires are and then piss off, never to show their faces again.

  5. Yeah – it was usually just DJ, Christian, spock, India and I, then you came along. It takes dedication *insert rest of cheesy line here*. Other people don’t find the need to talk about anything other than two cents. Guess we just need people to talk to.

  6. That aside, how’s life? What have you been up to?

  7. Aaaahhhhhhhhh… college.
    At least Halloween’s coming up. HOLIDAYYYY

  8. Been a couple months since I checked the site. Sorry ’bout that.

  9. Hey, is anybody out there?

  10. Dunno if I’m too late, but I’m here if you’re still checking the site.

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