MAILBAG: “Is there anything new to say about your next book?”

In the comments, theBeast writes on FearSeeker.Net:

Dear Gee, is there anything new to say about your next book? I’m getting sick of waiting for an update, do you have anything new to say about your next book? What will be in it, what will happen, please do your next post on the progress of your book.

What about doing a special edition of your other book, people would be really happy.

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23-10-2012 6:28 pm by Joshua Gee


MAILBAG: “Do you mind sharing any writing advice with me?”

STEPHANIE from Utah writes via

Do you mind sharing any writing advice with me?

Sometimes the demons inside one’s head will lift a person to great horrific heights. Other times, they bring us down.

If that ever happens to you (as it does to me, daily), try these three simple steps that I carved into my desk:


Easy peasy, right? Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.

I do hear from many talented and ambitious young writers who wish to publish their work, so next week, I hope to post additional tips for pre-published authors and other creative souls.

14-04-2011 3:00 am by Joshua Gee



Two quick things today:

Occasionally, people (or ghosts) posing as me post on this site and elsewhere. Among other fixes and upgrades, I am working on a technological means to better inform you when I am me and when I am not.

Did that make enough sense? No? Oh, well. That’s me.

In other news, ColourH3AR7 posts here on the site:

we need some more horrific stuff! You haven’t posted any stories in a long time :,(

Quite right! Kindly return tomorrow (Tuesday). I will have some horrific new evidence for you to fear and enjoy, and I look forward to your response to it.

11-04-2011 5:17 pm by Joshua Gee



MR. C from Tennessee writes via FACEBOOK:

WHERE ARE YOU? *sigh* I’m beginning to worry a lot!

Here I am, Friend.

I must say I am honored by how many of you visit the site every day, even when I am away. To quote Dracula, “O the Children of the Night, what sweet music they make!”

Come back all month long for new frightful finds. I look forward to terrifying you, as always.

Happy October!

04-10-2010 5:00 pm by Joshua Gee


MAILBAG: “how did you get all your info?”

CORY E writes:

how did u get all your info and how long did it take u?

Sources for ENCYCLOPEDIA HORRIFICA include every-day places like libraries and museums as well as on-site investigations and more than 30 interviews with experts & eyewitnesses.

It took about 2 years to compile the info, photos, & evidence. But it took much longer to find the courage to confront so many frightful themes!

The Next Book will provide YOU with all the tools & tactics you’ll need to Investigate the Unexplained. The courage, only you can provide….

24-11-2009 1:52 pm by Joshua Gee


MAILBAG: “some think i’m acting like a little kid”

ALEX from “chicago, the windy city” writes:

encyclopedia horrifica is my favorite book …. I would like to know more about my favorite author. My friends think you will never write back. some think im acting like alittle kid because im 13 and im writing to my favorite author.

Thank you for the kind words, Alex. Although I cannot always reply to messages as fast as I would like (especially since I hate form letters), I do read them all.

More about me: I spent an entire summer in Chicago in 1997 and I enjoyed it tremendously. Especially the wind!

Be sure to tell your friends they were incorrect, and then remind them two or three times after that.

23-11-2009 1:04 am by Joshua Gee