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Join us on Thursday, October 29, in my haunted home state of New Jersey. By special request, it’s my only Halloween appearance while I continue work on The Next Book. I look forward to scaring you! – J.G.

24-10-2009 2:02 pm by Joshua Gee



This article is the second in a series that will reveal secrets and surprises lurking within the warped pages of ENCYCLOPEDIA HORRIFICA: THE TERRIFYING TRUTH ABOUT VAMPIRES, GHOSTS, MONSTERS, AND MORE, by Joshua Gee.

The portrait on page 72 was taken by the talented photographer Scott Irvine. It features many hidden objects. A few (like the Freddy Krueger glove in the bottom of the photo) didn’t quite show up in the final book because the page printed a little darker than expected. But lots of other ghastly goodies can be seen.

One eagle-eyed reader, THELIGHTWALKEDINTOTHEDARKNESS, kindly sent us a letter featuring her observations.  She writes:

I compiled a list of some of the things I saw on page 73 in Encyclopedia Horrifica.
The less obvious things.
Because I love that book.
And it’s a beautiful page.

sharpie on the skull by his hand
skull picture, top left corner lab coat memo by skull picture
inhaler on top of hat
belt? under rope at lower a little to the left
two rolls of duct tape, then masking tape and on top electric tape middleish/right
near bottom, right surveillance book(?)
little skeleton hanging from bulletin board(?) in upper right
spiral notebook with ‘something’ taped on front cover and a paper sticking out
Lord of the Rings book under whatever is under his left hand
Flashlights on map/fabric measuring tape on map
looks like a cd or dvd case by his right hand
Camera (?) on a tripod against the wall
skull and crossbones on ‘something’ trifold, on each fold
skull and crossbones on ‘something’ above skull and crossbones…hard hat? My sister thinks it’s an airplane.
two angles of one picture, one by the death moth, other to the left, with the two other pictures
Roll of something on surveillance thing
Two forgeous guys with i.d. badges

[AUTHOR NOTE: I had to look up the word "forgeous." No comment. Everything else is correct. Well-spotted!]

27-03-2009 11:50 am by Joshua Gee



A final list of “Gruesome Good-byes” tidbits has been added to Reader’s Guide #1. We’ll take a brief look at other chapters in the book later this week.

After that, a look ahead at future morbid missions.

And now I am done playing dead. There’s a lot of scary work to be done!

Signed & stamped hardcovers of ENCYCLOPEDIA HORRIFICA (1st printing) are now available over at Free fangs with every order.

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This article is the first in a series that will reveal secrets and surprises lurking within the warped pages of ENCYCLOPEDIA HORRIFICA: THE TERRIFYING TRUTH ABOUT VAMPIRES, GHOSTS, MONSTERS, AND MORE, by Joshua Gee.

Because the book is designed to be read in no particular order, let’s begin at the end. The VERY end! You’ll recall that the final chapter, “GRUESOME GOOD-BYES!”, ends with a tribute to Frances Glessner Lee, who created dollhouse murder scenes as teaching tools for investigators.

In our own miniature scene, it would seem a mysterious intruder has attacked the author. But who?

So grab a copy of your trusty E.H., and post your thoughts below!



128A: POST-IT NOTE The red arrow reveals the location of some numbers and letters hidden on the back cover. On many copies of the book, it’s VERY difficult to spot, but stare into the blackness long enough, and you will find it there. Hardcover only.

128B: REGULATION PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR HAT One of roughly 150 hand-made items created for the scene during a span of six months. The hat is a direct reference to Kolchak: Nightstalker, an influential (and highly recommended) old TV show about a paranormal detective. (It inspired The X-files and many other popular TV shows and movies.) Like many items in the dollhouse scene, the mini hat is a reproduction of an actual, life-sized version, which you’ll find in several places elsewhere in the book.

128C: EDGAR ALLAN POE BOOK This is an actual miniature copy of the famously frightful poem “The Raven,” by Edgar Allan Poe.

128D: CROUCHING GARGOYLE One of two gargoyles on this page. Can you find the other? (Hint: The dragon beside Aladdin’s lamp is a dragon and NOT a gargoyle.)

128E: I WANT TO BELIEVE Sci-fi fans might recall that a similar poster appears in the office of a famous paranormal investigator. Do you know the character’s name?

128F: PAPER DECORATIONS The colorful letters beneath the top shelf spell something. Can you tell what the word is?

128G: GPS DEVICE Can you find the life-sized device elsewhere in the book?

128H: GARLIC BULBS Since everything in the scene is built to 1:12 scale (one inch for one foot in real life), these giants would probably be elephant garlic in real life.

128I: WHITE BOX Among the nine white file boxes in the mystery scene, this is the only one open. How very curious!

128J: “I’LL BE RIGHT BACK!” This is a reference to a scary movie called SCREAM. One of the horror “rules” in that movie states that any character who says “I’ll be right back” . . . probably won’t be right back. Not in one piece, at least!

128K: GHOST PAGE This same journal page appears in the endpapers. (Hardcover only.) Can you tell which chapter it describes?

128L: “MEMO TO SELF: FIND WHITE THORN FAST!” This hastily written journal page is a ginormous clue that links to page 4. The author is presently looking into white-thorn alternatives for a future project.

128M: RED SHARPIE The red marker alongside the journal is a tiny tribute to the author’s favorite “weapon of choice” when jotting down notes or drawing giant squids. Clue Alert: Can you find another red-tipped weapon immediately below?

128N: MUMMIFIED ALIEN CORPSE Yes, that’s what it is, in case you were wondering. Funny enough, despite being so well-hidden, it probably took longer to create than almost any other item in the scene!

128O: MAGAZINES From left to right, look for National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, and Dollhouse Miniatures.

128P: CARPET Like the gray desk space, the green locker, and many other items, the carpet design was modeled very closely after the author’s actual office at the time. His new HQ is just as cramped, but it’s much darker and creepier, thank goodness.



129A: DOCUMENTS In the top photo, can you find . . . the “x-files” folder? The same scientific clipboard from page 96? The author’s welcome letter from the beginning of the book?

129B: BOOKS In the top photo, can you find . . . Harry Potter, Book 1? Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary? BONUS POINTS: Histoire Naturelle des Mollusques?

129C: MAPS OF CRYSTAL LAKE & ELM STREET This is a tribute to two famous (and very R-rated) fright flicks: Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street.

129D: WHITE OWL Another Harry tribute!

20-03-2009 7:17 pm by Joshua Gee