Well, everybody . . . it’s been a while. How are you?

More so than ever, I’ve been living my life “off the grid,” at least by contemporary standards. Social media alternately confounds, delights, distracts, and disgusts me. On the balance, I’ve been avoiding it.

For any creative person, it’s so easy to mistake it for the work. It’s not. It’s the thing that frames and publicizes and, on rare occasions, enhances the work.

Meanwhile, my projects were always so dark and disturbing, I needed to step away from that world for a time. All of it. Even the wonderful people I’ve met online, sadly. People like Christian, IssyBird, CREEPSLOVER, PADFOOT, “DJ,” “INDIA,” FreeFallingUp, “Victoria,” Daniel, Anthony D, and many others.

If you are out there, say “hello” below! I’ve missed each of your voices terribly, so here I am again.

Back in meatspace (i.e. the offline world), people would often say, “Why don’t you try writing about something else? Why don’t you try targeting different audiences? Young Adult romance novels sure are hot!”

The answer: Nothing else inspires me. No other audience interests me. I was put on this earth to create cool stuff for fellow fright fans.

Regardless, for the past couple years, my biggest project has been me. I wish I could discuss at length the soul-grinding subjects of depression, anxiety, and other challenges, but I fear future partners and publishers might balk at the details if they are reading this. For some reason, only celebrities like Eminem and Robert Downey, Jr. may relate their former struggles with impunity. The rest of us risk the silent treatment from the VIPs in NYC.

I know some of you can relate. In the interest of speaking directly to YOU — my beloved, long-suffering visitors to this site — I want you to know that the aforementioned problems are treatable, if not always 100% “curable.” It just takes some time. Perhaps we can all discuss such matters further in the future, if you would like.

As for today, I am quite healthy. I am working again. As for tomorrow … it would be imprudent to talk about the details of any work just yet.

So here we are. I have returned to somewhere from nowhere. Along the way, I learned a new trick, and I’d like to pass it on to you. Whenever you doubt yourself, look in the mirror (or, if mirrors are too scary, simply turn off your phone and stare intently at the dark reflection in the screen, as is the fashion nowadays).

Next, say the following:

“If I had UNLIMITED confidence in myself, the very next thing I would do is . . .”

Finish that sentence. Do the thing “the unlimited you” would do. Repeat daily.

Say “hello” below, and share what type of content you might like to see on this site in the future.

13-06-2014 6:48 pm by Joshua Gee



  1. Gee!!
    I am thrilled to see this post- even if I’m a little late. It’s been forever, but your book is forever on my shelf, traveling with me to wherever I’m staying, whether it be a friends or a messy university dormitory. You’ve had such an influence on my life, in an odd way, and I’ll never forget that. Hope all is well, as we both learn and grow to conquer these battles each day… and I look forward to hearing more soon.

  2. Hello

  3. oh hey wow this all is still up!

  4. Been waiting a while for someone to post. Hoping there will be more activity if a second book is ever released.

  5. So alone

  6. Holy crap I’ve been thinking about what happened to you on the last page for 8 years! Hope all is well Mr. Gee! I also wanted to thank you on the off chance you might see this. The EH got me through some hard times as a kid growing up. It sparked a lot of imagination and made me part of who I am today. So thank you for looking for things not everyone can see or care to see. Again, thank you!!

  7. also, i read through all the comments and trip out; turns out theres a small community here! Hope all is well with everyone else too!

  8. Consider staying. This site needs some activity.

  9. Yeah, the community kind of died down when most of us went to high school. (and by most of us I mean about three of the five people who usually commented, since they were older)
    It’s nice to talk to everyone every once in a while. Life is hectic though.

  10. I check the site every once in a while, but yeah, got shit to do in real life.

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